Barefoot Fintess

Our human evolution has required us to walk, run, climb, jump, lift and throw - these simple activities are the basis of the classes and can scale to most fitness levels and abilities - whilst we regularly change the theme to keep you on your toes. Whilst this develops abilities such as strength, endurance and flexibility which we traditionally associate with fitness, it also helps you become more adaptable and resistance whilst challenging and developing your cognitive ability.

You’ll build a framework of movement that is the foundation of the vast possibilities of which human movement is capable - this simplicity allows us to shift focus without losing our understanding, and as we become competent our ability and confidence will rapidly grow.

INDOOR CLASSES provide an opportunity to deepen the understanding of your body and increase your capacity to move, and each month we’ll change the theme to present a fresh set of challenges to keep you on your toes.

***COMING SOON*** OUTDOOR CLASSES are set in various wild locations on Dartmoor and the South Devon beaches, and are built around short run interspersed with “exercise stations” where the workout is learning to effectively negotiate various natural obstacles such as rocky river crossings, tree trunks and challenging stoney ascents.

Indoor Classes

The indoor classes run in 6 week blocks so we can develop specific skills and everyone is able to work through the same programme. Much of these classes are using the Critical strength framework to develop the movement skills to be more effective when out in the natural world.

£10 per session in 6 week blocks

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Outdoor Classes

These are in various locations and will involve interactive games, moving over natural terrain and negotiating obstacle such as rocks, river and trees....

£5 per session

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