Barefoot Fitness

The barefoot philosophy of simple, connected movement extends beyond our feet - fitness in its most fundamental form emerges from the interaction of MIND, BODY and ENVIRONMENT.

BAREFOOT FITNESS is a unique combination of challenging MOVEMENTS and MENTAL PUZZLES that you must answer with your whole BODY and MIND - you’ll re-discover the joy of whole body interaction in a PLAYFUL, progressive and sociable class.

Barefoot Fitness is an idea not a method - a belief in our innate ability to move through our world - it’s a set of principles to remind our genetic memory that millions of years of evolution have perfectly shaped us into the raw material for everything that is possible as a human.

FIT(NESS) is a mind/body response to our immediate environmental challenge - a series movement decisions that combine our physical capacity to move with our mental ability to read the environment effectively. Fitness is never about just the body, but emerges from the continuous inter-play of mind, body and environment.

The classes are built around the foundational human movements of lifting, climbing, jumping, throwing and striking - and of course the odd bit of running - we’ll work through various themes at any given time and whilst the movements and interactions will change, the principles remain the same.

Because truly functional movements and real time interactions are the core of the Barefoot Fitness process you’ll develop a movement intelligence and expanded capacity to explore the possibilities your environment affords - thoughts and actions merge into a fluid, almost instinctive ability to solve progressively more challenging movement problems.

INDOOR CLASSES provide an opportunity to deepen the understanding of your body and increase your capacity to move, and each month we’ll change the theme to present a fresh set of challenges to keep you on your toes.

OUTDOOR CLASSES will run every week in Bury Meadow Park in Exeter at 7:30pm on a Thursday, and will be a fun, interactive, social class which will remain FREE all summer.

***COMING SOON*** classes in various wild locations such as Dartmoor and the South Devon beaches.... these will be built around a short run interspersed with “exercise stations” where the workout is learning to effectively negotiate various natural obstacles such as rocky river crossings, tree trunks and challenging stoney ascents.

Indoor Classes

FREE first session.
Drop in £7.50 until September

Thursday: 9:30am & 6pm

Classes are held at:

80 Merrivale Road

Outdoor CLasses

Thursday: 7:30pm

This classes will be held in Bury Meadow Parkin Exeter

Wild classes coming soon - these will be held in various locations and will involve interactive games, moving over natural terrain and negotiating obstacles such as rocks, rivers and trees....

£5 per session