The barefoot philosophy of simple, connected movement extends beyond our feet - fitness in its most fundamental form emerges from the interaction of MIND, BODY and ENVIRONMENT.

BAREFOOT FITNESS is a unique combination of challenging MOVEMENTS and MENTAL PUZZLES that you must answer with your whole BODY and MIND - you’ll re-discover the joy of whole body interaction in a PLAYFULL, progressive and sociable class.

Indoor classes are a dynamic and challenging workout with an emphasis on interactions with others whilst outdoor classes are a full immersion in the elements developing the skills to efficiently move through the natural world.

CRITICAL STRENGTH provides a foundation of functional movement training which can progress to the highest levels of PERFORMANCE, and each level builds on the previous one and every exercise being scalable to almost any ability level.

The focus is on strength, but you will also develop MOBILITY, CORE FUNCTION and POWERFUL BREATHING techniques whilst learning how to integrate these abilities into really world, ATHLETIC MOVEMENTS specific to your sport.